Numerical Data

The NCSC is the only company handling the purchase and import of energy coal to Israel.

Israel currently has two power stations activated by coal – Orot Rabin in Hadera and Rottenberg in Ashkelon.

Coal is transported to Israel in huge bulk carriers, at a length exceeding 3 soccer fields – 290-310 meters.

Four types of coal energy – Anthracite, Lignite, Bituminous, and Sub-Bituminous – are used for various needs in accordance to the quality of each type.

The five leading countries in coal export worldwide are: Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Russia and South Africa.

A list of 14 parameters defines the type and quality of coal permitted for use in Israel.

The NCSC is considered one of the largest buyers in the international arena – 3rd or 4th in Europe. The Israeli coal procurement is estimated at 11M tons annually (as of 2015)

30 employees of the NCSC manage a turnover of $1 Billion annually.