Information Requests

Information regarding the NCSC can be obtained upon request, based on the guidelines of the Israeli Freedom of Information Act of 1998.

Requests for information can be filed using the attached form: Request Form

The request should be addressed as follows:

Ms. Merav Shapira

Supervisor of NCSC's Freedom of Information Act Implementation

The National Israel Coal Company Ltd.

20 Lincoln St.

Tel Aviv 6713412

Tel: 03-6257004

Fax: 03-6244046


Requests via email are recommended; however, fax or email requests will be handled as well.


The person filing the information request shall pay an information request fee in accordance with the Information Freedom Act (Fees) 1999.

The request entails a fee as specified in the Freedom of Information Act (Fees). The request fee, as well as handling and production fees (if required) can be paid via bank transfer to account 182281, Mizrahi Bank, Branch 461, to the National Israeli Coal Company, alongside the request.

For the request, you need to fill out an obligation form for paying the fees related to handling the request, signed by the requestor (in corporations, an authorized signer needs to sign).

Requests which are not filled out according to these guidelines will be returned to the sender.

Click to view the new fee regulations of the governmental unit for Freedom of Information.

Handling the Request

We will promptly update the person requesting the information, no later than 30 days from receiving the request, about the decision regarding the request. In the case that the company decides to make the information available, the company will provide it no later than 15 days from the date of the decision, subject to payment of the fee.