Coal Procurement

Coal procurement is handled through contracts, based on prices which are linked to various coal market indexes, or on fixed-price contracts enabling coal purchase based on a set price for the duration of the contract.


During the first two decades of company activity, the global coal market was relatively stable. However, this era is long gone. The coal market has become volatile and prices have skyrocketed to unprecedented heights, which has changed the nature of coal trade and set new standards. Two significant factors have led to this turning point: One is the establishment of coal price indexes, the implementation of price protection and option trading.  The second factor is the entry of large-scale players such as China and India into the global coal import scene which has an immense impact on the market.

The NCSC's activities in the global coal market are motivated by a strategic outlook regarding the Israeli market and consumers in both present and future. Long-term procurement contracts, as well as medium-range, annual and spot-based contracts are all designed to cover the needs estimated for one, two or five years ahead.

Coal Trade – Our Activity

We monitor the financial markets and indexes in the coal market and invest efforts in analyzing the market and global trends. Our trade department's activity includes meeting with suppliers, buyers, traders and additional experts. Moreover, the company continuously examines new possibilities for trading with recently-launched mines and performs evaluations for mines with declining activity.

The economists of our trade department perform analysis of supply and demand, review and process market data from professional publications, monitor mergers and analyze their impact on the market. The department consolidates recommendations for prices and desirable contracts, and analyzes options for transactions and offers.

Decoding Global Trade

A constant outlook on expected changes in the market and accurate analysis of existing information are a key tool in deciphering the codes of global coal trade. This understanding enables preliminary evaluations on shifts in coal prices, as well as smart purchase transactions which can greatly reduce expenses for Israeli economy.