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From Coal to Electricity

From Coal to Electricity

The electricity generation process in coal power stations A diagram and information on the electricity generation process Read more. Read more

About Coal

The Coal Discharge Process

Discharge of coal from the ship is a complex and well planned process, far more complicated than it appears to the untrained eye. Read more

Coal – When Myth Meets Fact

There are quite a few widely accepted myths relating to coal. But the reality is quite different. Read more

Numerical Data

Numbers can tell the story of coal and that of the National Israeli Coal Company, both in Israel and in the International Market. Read more

Coal Basics

What type of coal is used to generate energy? How many types of energy coal exist? What causes coal to burn? What additional uses does it have besides the electricity generation? Read more

Coal Mining

The Coal Mining Process

Diagram and details of the mining process Read more

The Coal Miners

Modern day mining has almost completely eliminated the traditional coal miners wearing helmets, with blackened faces and coal picks. Nowadays, mining is performed by machines, with the utmost protection for human lives. Read more

Coal Worldwide

International Coal Market – Costs and Players

Coal is traded internationally, but has very specific uses, which explains why the coal market does not contain a large number of players. However, it is characterized by high competition and its price levels are impacted by changes in the international economy. Read more

Coal Market – Activity in Volatile Markets

The coal market is a volatile one, requiring calculated planning for cost-effective coal procurement. Risk management based on a variety of purchase contracts and suppliers is the key to cost reduction and continuous supply. Read more

International Coal Sources

What countries control the international coal market, and are they the only key factors in the field? Read more

The Coal Market – The Chinese Change the Rules

In the international coal market, large developing countries are like a tremendous earthquake, undermining the stability of the entire market. China has shaken up the market, and India is following in its path. Read more


The Coal Route

Coal is shipped to Israel, loaded onto large bulk carriers and discharged onto a designed coal conveyer, which leads it from the ship directly into the Israeli Electric Corporation zone. Read more

The World of Bulk Carriers

While myths reminisce of romantic images of sailors and pirates, the reality is much simpler, and sometimes more violent. Read more

The Shipping Market

A significant part of the Israeli National Coal Company's activity is forming shipping contracts to ensure coal import to Israel from various places around the world, using different trade routes and in different business conditions. This requires a high level of expertise. Read more

Trade Routes

Where does coal come from? Can it be shipped from anywhere around the world? Is the shortest route always the chosen one, and why? Read more

Regulation and Governance

The NCSC – Corporate Governance

The Israeli national Coal Company operates in a complex business environment, subject to a variety of rules and regulations on the national and municipal level. Read more


The Coal Burning Process

From the time of the industrial revolution until today, the coal burning process has undergone significant changes. Today, manual tossing of the coal into the boilers, and uncontrolled emission of toxins are long gone Read more

Coal and Environmentalism

Using energy coal for electricity production raises various issues relating to the environment. But while environmentalism is a top priority, certain facts should be considered as well. Read more