Numerical Data


The NCSC is the only company handling the purchase and import of energy coal to Israel.


Israel currently has two power stations activated by coal – Orot Rabin in Hadera and Rottenberg in Ashkelon.


Coal is transported to Israel in huge bulk carriers, at a length exceeding 3 soccer fields – 290-310 meters.


Four types of coal energy – Anthracite, Lignite, Bituminous, and Sub-Bituminous – are used for various needs in accordance to the quality of each type.


The five leading countries in coal export worldwide are: Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Russia and South Africa.


A list of 14 parameters defines the type and quality of coal permitted for use in Israel.


The NCSC is considered one of the largest buyers in the international arena.

25 employees of the NCSC manage a turnover of $760,000,000 annually.