National Responsibility

 Ensuring continuous supply of coal to Israel under any conditions is a heavy national responsibility, but it is not the only one. Our responsibility is relevant in several aspects:

Commitment to Quality – We purchase coal that meets quality requirements in terms of caloric value as well as in its compliance with environmental standards. Compliance with environmental standards is not related only to regulation, but also to the Israeli people's environment and to the protection of clean air. As the NCSC, we invest great efforts in searching for the most suitable sources for quality coal which is the least contaminating.

Cost Savings – The cost of coal is one of the major factors impacting electricity costs. We create favorable conditions for cost reduction in the areas of coal purchasing and shipping, in order to reduce the expense of electricity production, thus saving money for the Israeli economy and consumers.

Risk Management – We strive to reduce Israel's dependence on a single coal source, and to create coal supply alternatives during a political or global crisis. Preserving a variety of suppliers also affects our negotiation abilities for purchase contracts.


The ship carrying the largest coal cargo ever to visit Israel is the Ocean Vanguard, with a cargo of 203,384 tons.