Our Values


The NCSC (National Coal Supply Corporation) is motivated by a sense of national responsibility for establishing reliable sources for coal purchase, and ensures continuous coal supply to Israel.


The Environment

The company maintains compliance with the relevant environmental standards for coal used in Israel, and is well prepared to ensure sufficient sources for coal which meet these standards.



Most of the company's employees are university graduates, who invest significant efforts in studying the market, obtaining information and performing professional data analysis. The company's professionalism has enabled it to win high esteem in the global market.



The company strives to uphold a high level of credibility in Israel, due to its ability to deliver results for over three consecutive decades, as well as with global suppliers, based on its financial stability and payments ethics.



The company provides ship agency services to shipping companies with whom it operates, viewing this as an instrumental tool for maintaining close relations with these companies.


A Commercial Government-owned corporation

The NCSC is a government company, which operates as a commercial company in its conduct with suppliers and its independent decision-making in areas relevant to its activity.


Cost Savings

The company's purchase and shipping transactions are designed to obtain the best terms possible under existing market conditions, as well as minimize costs.


Superior Human Resources

The company's human resources are its most important asset. The company places high value on selecting excellent employees who remain with the company for the long term, are team players and contribute to its stability and credibility.


Equal Opportunity

Over 50% of company employees are women.