Professionalism as a Way of Life

Although the NCSC is a government company, it operates as a commercial company. It has gained an international reputation as a renowned professional company with a high level of expertise. The company NCSC is much sought-after for professional consultations, and also enjoys a high level of credibility on the financial level. Many of its employees are economists who maintain work and commercial relations with coal suppliers, shipping companies, brokers and investment firms, and implement a policy of cost savings and profitability

A Word of Honor

The company's payment ethic has established its position as a credible entity which enjoys an open line of credit with suppliers, with no securities.

Cost-Effective Procurement and Shipping

In-depth understanding of the market, players, trends and prices, along with financial planning capabilities and long-lasting financial credibility across many years, enable the company to obtain exceptional trade outcomes and save hundreds of millions of dollars in coal procurement and shipping costs.